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6-port HydroDAS

6-port HydroDAS,

one of several



Data Logger—Controller For Profiling and Moored Systems

Incredibly versatile data handling system and controller—equally at home in real-time profilers, moorings, and many other applications.  Sophisticated software provides tremendous power, but also ease of use.

  • Interface with virtually any instrument, analog or digital
  • Collect data from up to 27 instruments (11 digital, 16 analog)
  • Store data in internal memory—up to 2 GB flash (hard disk options also available in custom configurations)
  • Multiplex data from all instruments in real time
  • Transmit data, logged and/or real-time, to computer or telemetry system.  For profiling, send power and multiplexed data 6000 meters on a single conductor pair (optional).
  • Distribute power via 12 software-switchable outputs
  • Execute command sequences on completely programmable schedules, autonomously or under real-time control


Sub-Surface Unit Features
  • Scalable—select the power, input/output, and other configuration options you need for your system, big or small; MiniDAS available for smaller systems (four or fewer instruments)
  • Versatile—the same HydroDAS can be used for autonomous logging, real-time multiplexing, or both
  • Real-time communication with host computer—full bidirectional communication with all connected instruments
  • Autonomous operation with HydroScript programs 
  • External switch for controlling scripts without a real-time computer connection
  • 2-Color Indicator to show operational state (indicator can also be changed under the control of a script) 


Host Computer Features


Features provided by any recent Windows computer running DASHost software

  • Real-time control of HydroDAS and connected instruments
  • Real-time communication with all instruments—a data terminal window available for each instrument
  • Data archiving
  • Demultiplexing—send data streams from individual instruments to other computers, or to different ports on the host computer 
  • Real-time display of data through instruments' native software
  • Display vital functions such as data transmission and error rates, voltage, current consumption and temperature of sub-surface unit


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